What do you think of, when you think of love?

At first, it was intended to stop crime, in particular white-collar schemes. Well, it succeeded, but it seems no one entertained the thought of the possible side effects such an apparatus could have on society. When they first introduced the machine, it was supposed to be the ultimate lie detector – or the first actual one, since polygraph tests had long been discredited. The point was to catch evildoers before they could perform their evildoing. It didn’t take long for politicians to fear the machine, and to society to demand all elected figures to pass under the scrutiny of it. Corruption was put on hold, and soon after any kind of crime had a hard time because of the amazing mechanism. From expensive and impractical to the common person, it quickly became widely available, once the technology allowed for cheap production and portability. Continue reading

Stray Ashes

Marcia didn’t like it when they got there. She was cranky and sleepy, and the rain poured down so strongly it was impossible to see further than a few meters away. Had the sun shined on the occasion, she would see her new house under a different light. Yellow walls and bright red roof in the center of a large green-grassed terrain, complete with a 25 meters high oak tree to the right. Continue reading

A Waltz out of a Blues

It happened again. I blacked out. I have no recollection of last night. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember most of yesterday. I do recall going to a pub two nights ago. I had already had one too many drinks when I got there. My friends urged me to stop, annoyed me to the point where I didn’t wanted their company anymore. No, wait, that was before. Yes, that’s right, I have been to two pubs that night. I left my friends when they got on my nerves after the fourth or fifth pint. I left and went to another pub, to continue drinking in peace. Continue reading

She Came One Sunday Morning

Between all the questions asked the day it appeared, amidst all the who, when and why, one, incredibly, no one asked: how. How does something so big get erected besides a small town, overnight, without anyone seeing? For it appeared, without warning, without noise, without an explanation. It was Sunday, mass day, and thus almost the whole population took notice practically at the same time. Continue reading