What most people were interested in knowing was the origin of the name, 102. It is a nice enough name for a restaurant, I guess, but there is sure a story behind it. Well, when it first opened, the restaurant was in a different location and, for lack of a better idea, they simply used the address as the name, hanging big boxed metal numbers and letters on the facade. But the Crescent part of the name, for some reason, never stuck to the wall. Even made from the same material as the numbers and hung in the same fashion, they kept falling. The 102 held its grip until they had to move, the same three metal characters used on the facade of the new address. Continue reading

There Where the Sun Sets

When she fires the first shot, her heart is racing, her head spins, and she trembles so much she thinks she will collapse. She is sure she has missed the target but, about one hundred meters ahead, a man is on the ground, blood flowing from a hole in his chest. She is mortified, panting, looking at times to the smoking barrel and the corpse on her property. A noise coming from the house brings her back.

“Sally, go back inside, now!” Continue reading


It was the biggest ship the young kid had ever seen. It was the biggest anything, in fact. When his mother told him they were moving, he wasn’t crazy about the idea, but didn’t fight it either. As a seasoned wanderer, he simply complied. His few belongings were easy to gather; besides his three or four changes of clothes and a grimy pillow, the only things he had to cherish were an old blanket and the little tin can toy car made by Old Floyd, the tramp from the park near his soon-to-be-former house. He didn’t even had a suitcase. Continue reading


The sun was coming up as he stood there, sitting alone atop the mount overlooking the city, eyes on the horizon. The sky gradually changing from pitch black to bright blue while his mind wandered somewhere else, untouched by everything happening around him. He didn’t want another day to begin. He cared not for the beauty of the spectacular vision before him, for it didn’t reflect the turmoil within. He would gladly trade eternity for the night coming to an end. He would renounce his will to live if it meant staying with her for another moment. Why is the moon fading away? Why is it going? Why is the day coming? Why does the sun insists in climbing up to its rightful place in the sky? It is not right. There is no beauty in the horizon announcing the dawn of another day. Not today. Continue reading

The Compass

A 20-minute drive and more or less the same time walking, and we were near some of the most amazing caves in the world. Close enough for my parents to carry me there almost every weekend. Then again, considering you can cross the country by car in little more than 8 hours, there’s nothing really that far away in Iceland. My folks loved exploring the caves, discovering the beautiful crystals and photographing the red rocks formed by lava. I liked the ones with an internal lake, the waters always still and clear. It is a shame we are not allowed to swim there. I understand now it is probably because of acidity and temperature, but for a while as a child I was just upset with the Hidden Folk, for they wouldn’t allow me to dive in their pools. Continue reading