Piano Concerto No. 2

Frank woke up with to the familiar mix of feelings he experienced the last few years. His feet were cold because his blanket wasn’t long enough to cover all his body and he had the habit of pushing it to his chin when asleep. His neck hurt from the odd angle his head remained, being a side sleeper. His hair scratched from lack of hygiene and his nose burned from his friend Bob’s stench. Also, the loud thumps from the garbage truck always got him startled, waking up to a racing heart. Continue reading

The Seed

“Explain that again.”

“Explain what?”

“The thing about choices and freedom.”

“Are you sure? You said your head spun last time. Besides, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of your friends. Or you.”

“Embarrass yourself in front of me, or embarrass me in front of my friends, along with you?”

“I will not fall for your little games, Jason.”

“Oh, come on, please!”

“Yeah, please! Now we want to hear about it too.”

“See? Now they are all expecting some profound thing I’m not sure I can deliver.”

“And what’s the only way to know?”

“Smart ass.” Continue reading

They Came

They Came_BG

You know how when you just stop looking for something it eventually appears? Well, it happened again, in a worldwide fashion. Photos and videos of mysterious and incredible things were pretty usual back in the day. You would have to be rather lucky to see Bigfoot wandering around, and even luckier to have your camera at hand when that happened, remain calm and take the picture. Same thing goes for the Lock Ness monster, the Yeti, werewolves, vampires and such. And, as luck would have it, it was easy enough to find “material proof” of all those beings. But these are all mythological creatures, in a way. What about something we can be sure it is out there somewhere? Like aliens. Yeah, with billions of stars in our galaxy alone, and billions of planets gravitating around those stars, there might be at least another one with life. Continue reading

The Trainman

I was there, right outside, seeing everything. I was waiting to meet my friend, the one I was hoping one day would be something more. I saw the man pulling the gun from his back, start firing, right when the train stopped. I’ve heard the six shots, six rhythmic and loud thumps even if muffled by the car doors still closed. I saw the people inside in despair, helpless, falling down one by one, some for fear, six of them dead. My friend. Continue reading