Another Chance


It was a Saturday and Kevin, as usual, chose to stay in bed a little longer. Nothing in the world would be able to take him out of the comfy warmness and the nesty arrangement his comforter acquired during the night. He would have remained there another hour, at least, hadn’t the most unusual sound prevented him from even closing his eyes again. Continue reading

Red Sap

“But why the Library?”

I hear that a lot. Right after that question there’s always the remark, “there’s nothing there”. It is, obviously, not true. There are the books, for starts, and all the knowledge that comes with them. There are music and movies, even video games. But, most of all, there is silence. I can be at peace here, quiet with my stories and my thoughts, free to live my life the best I can. And there are also a lot of places to hide. Because, you know, the world is still a dangerous place. Continue reading