Along the Way


Who doesn’t love Sunday mornings? Well, Zoe sure did. Nothing to do, she could wake up at any time she liked – even tough she always woke early, damn habits – and, best of all, she could enjoy the long and hearty breakfast she never had time to on weekdays. That’s where she was on that particular Sunday morning. Her bed was in the exact same state as when she rose at an unfriendly 7 AM, as was her hair, an unkempt mess, her beautiful curly twirls spawning in every direction in a shape she didn’t dare look at – she made a point of avoiding mirrors in mornings like that. She didn’t want to tame her mane unless she had to. And the only thing she had to do that morning was nothing. Continue reading

A Grain of Sand


Much to the surprise of his family, who thought he would never take an interest in that kind of amusement, Little Tommy woke up early and went to the beach. And he got the toy shovel and bucket with him! It was the first time he spontaneously approached anything childlike. Digging holes in the sand, who would thought? Well, not just any holes, of course. Tommy spent the whole day working on an incredibly intricate design, perfectly round holes of different sizes, connected by straight grooves and organic ridges, all carefully spread through an area the size of a small house. Continue reading

Another Chance


It was a Saturday and Kevin, as usual, chose to stay in bed a little longer. Nothing in the world would be able to take him out of the comfy warmness and the nesty arrangement his comforter acquired during the night. He would have remained there another hour, at least, hadn’t the most unusual sound prevented him from even closing his eyes again. Continue reading

The Protector

My backpack weighed about twenty kilos, the sun was in its highest, I had forgotten to reapply the sunscreen and my sunglasses were slipping down my nose due to the sweat. All the makings of a stupid decision, and I knew it. I knew it before I started climbing the hill to the fake encouragement of my fellow hikers and campers. I knew I shouldn’t have fell into the dare, that I should have just ignored it. But they knew I couldn’t resist a dare, the bastards I grant the privilege of calling friends. So there I was, going up the rocky incline fully packed, because they doubted I could get up top and see if the view was as awesome as I said it would. Idiots. All of them, the whole group. Including me. Continue reading

Cat Tattoo

Allyson woke up startled, as if she had been dreaming of falling, and knocked off both her cell phone and the glass of water from the nightstand, making for a not so nice beginning of a brand new day. She sat on her pillow waiting for her breathing and heart rate normalize before putting her feet on the cold floor, wondering where her slippers could have gone.

“Who is that?”, she asked. “No, seriously, who is speaking?”

Her confusion was aggravated by the fact that there were no one else in her room.

“Hey, stop that!”, she shouted, a hint of fear in her voice. “I said stop it!” Continue reading

Piano Concerto No. 2

Frank woke up with to the familiar mix of feelings he experienced the last few years. His feet were cold because his blanket wasn’t long enough to cover all his body and he had the habit of pushing it to his chin when asleep. His neck hurt from the odd angle his head remained, being a side sleeper. His hair scratched from lack of hygiene and his nose burned from his friend Bob’s stench. Also, the loud thumps from the garbage truck always got him startled, waking up to a racing heart. Continue reading

The Seed

“Explain that again.”

“Explain what?”

“The thing about choices and freedom.”

“Are you sure? You said your head spun last time. Besides, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of your friends. Or you.”

“Embarrass yourself in front of me, or embarrass me in front of my friends, along with you?”

“I will not fall for your little games, Jason.”

“Oh, come on, please!”

“Yeah, please! Now we want to hear about it too.”

“See? Now they are all expecting some profound thing I’m not sure I can deliver.”

“And what’s the only way to know?”

“Smart ass.” Continue reading