It is hard explaining what I do to others. They want details I’m not only unable to give, but also forbidden to. Confidentiality clauses. But even if I could tell everything, it would most likely raise more questions than before. Simply put, I save companies. I intervene when things are going downhill for a while, I put things in order and give a way for the company to stay afloat for a while. But I’m not just a consultant, not anymore. Continue reading

Since the Beginning

It was already so late in the night one might consider it already morning. Sitting in front of his desk, John looked at the mess of open books with several pages marked with little colorful post-its; a bunch of papers showing drawings, schematics, written notes and diagrams; pens of different tones and widths scattered around; and his computer with the screen glaring, multiple windows open, the browser showing no less than two dozen open tabs. Continue reading

The Other Side

She had always hated that part. The obligation of advancing little by little, letting the body adjust to the changes. It was not just the darkness. There was also the cold, the humidity, the noises. A different setting, different vegetation, different fauna. And the smell. That was what she hated the most, the stench. Continue reading

Hell and Back

“Remember when you promised that for me you would go to hell and back?” Shaking and soaking, but especially frightened. That’s how Vera showed up that night. “Well, I’m here to give you the chance to fulfill that oath” Continue reading

Long-distance Call

I work near the last enduring fax machine in our office, probably in our building. I mean, fax machines? I don’t understand why they still matter, but somehow they are still around, surviving the era of emails and cell phone apps that can snap a photo of a document and edit the picture to make it look like it was scanned. It’s relatively new. My cubicle’s position, I mean, not the machine, obviously. They rearranged the office recently and most everybody moved around. The fax machine couldn’t be moved, because it’s connected to a separate telephone line whose cost to change don’t justify since we rarely receive faxes anymore. Continue reading

Lost, and Found

Right now, I’m at some stranger’s house, hopelessly trespassing, even if I feel myself embedded with some sort of moral obligation. The house owner and his wife have just entered through the door, unaware of the invader, who is foolishly hiding under the bed in the master bedroom. Don’t judge me, I can’t say I’m thinking properly at this moment. Or since I’ve decided to enter some guy’s house. “And how, Jess, did you put yourself in such position?”, you might ask. Well, it all began only a few days ago, when an oddly shaped pencil case was found in a subway station. Continue reading

Stray Ashes

Marcia didn’t like it when they got there. She was cranky and sleepy, and the rain poured down so strongly it was impossible to see further than a few meters away. Had the sun shined on the occasion, she would see her new house under a different light. Yellow walls and bright red roof in the center of a large green-grassed terrain, complete with a 25 meters high oak tree to the right. Continue reading