Mirror Mirror

While she packs, Samantha takes a look around her soon-to-be old room. Unlike most teenage girl’s rooms, the walls are not decorated with band posters and their cute-handsome lead singers. Instead, the neatly arranged space sports an abundance of artwork replicas, fantasy illustrations seeming to be taken from European comic books, and drawings. She likes to draw. Not that she is any good at it, but it doesn’t matter. She likes doodling, especially the feel of the pencil on paper. And, despite her lack of talent, she ended up creating a style of her own. Her oddly shaped acoustic guitar, present in everything she draws, is like her signature. Continue reading

True Song

Sitting alone on the stage, he pulls a string on the guitar while turning the peg, the low sound gradually changing. He does it slowly. One by one, the notes coming from the instrument get in tune, at which point he starts playing a song. It’s soft and nice, a soothing sound, like a melody we’ve heard before and tells us everything will be all right. He repeats the process in the second guitar, then the bass. The keyboard doesn’t need tuning, but he plays the song in it nevertheless, adjusting the volume. He tightens the lugs on the drum and checks the mikes. With everything done, he goes to the sound table and turns it on. Continue reading

Lost, and Found

Right now, I’m at some stranger’s house, hopelessly trespassing, even if I feel myself embedded with some sort of moral obligation. The house owner and his wife have just entered through the door, unaware of the invader, who is foolishly hiding under the bed in the master bedroom. Don’t judge me, I can’t say I’m thinking properly at this moment. Or since I’ve decided to enter some guy’s house. “And how, Jess, did you put yourself in such position?”, you might ask. Well, it all began only a few days ago, when an oddly shaped pencil case was found in a subway station. Continue reading