That was the worst way to wake up. Mid-dream, a loud thump coming from the living room made Megan jump in her bed, the mind confused between the nice images she was coming from and the darkness of the room, the heart racing from the fright, breathing hard as if she just ran a sprint. Moments in that semi-awake state and she wasn’t even sure there was a noise after all. Continue reading

The Machine

“And thus I hereby declare Mark Robinson the sole inheritor of all my assets.” Mark held the notarized document in his hands, unsure of what was happening. It was signed by William Pearce, whose will executor stood before him patiently, giving him time to take it all in. It had been one strange ride, from the moment he answered the first call telling him he had inherited something, to the long process of confirming his identity, to finally meeting with the man who handed him the document he just read. Everything was as vague and generic as that last sentence. Continue reading

They Came

They Came_BG

You know how when you just stop looking for something it eventually appears? Well, it happened again, in a worldwide fashion. Photos and videos of mysterious and incredible things were pretty usual back in the day. You would have to be rather lucky to see Bigfoot wandering around, and even luckier to have your camera at hand when that happened, remain calm and take the picture. Same thing goes for the Lock Ness monster, the Yeti, werewolves, vampires and such. And, as luck would have it, it was easy enough to find “material proof” of all those beings. But these are all mythological creatures, in a way. What about something we can be sure it is out there somewhere? Like aliens. Yeah, with billions of stars in our galaxy alone, and billions of planets gravitating around those stars, there might be at least another one with life. Continue reading

The Other Side

She had always hated that part. The obligation of advancing little by little, letting the body adjust to the changes. It was not just the darkness. There was also the cold, the humidity, the noises. A different setting, different vegetation, different fauna. And the smell. That was what she hated the most, the stench. Continue reading


It was the biggest ship the young kid had ever seen. It was the biggest anything, in fact. When his mother told him they were moving, he wasn’t crazy about the idea, but didn’t fight it either. As a seasoned wanderer, he simply complied. His few belongings were easy to gather; besides his three or four changes of clothes and a grimy pillow, the only things he had to cherish were an old blanket and the little tin can toy car made by Old Floyd, the tramp from the park near his soon-to-be-former house. He didn’t even had a suitcase. Continue reading

Red Sap

“But why the Library?”

I hear that a lot. Right after that question there’s always the remark, “there’s nothing there”. It is, obviously, not true. There are the books, for starts, and all the knowledge that comes with them. There are music and movies, even video games. But, most of all, there is silence. I can be at peace here, quiet with my stories and my thoughts, free to live my life the best I can. And there are also a lot of places to hide. Because, you know, the world is still a dangerous place. Continue reading


I remember playing dodgeball with my niece in my brother’s summer house yard. She was five or six, and ran and jumped like her life would end if the ball hit her. It was there, right there. I think. It’s hard to tell for sure, thousands of kilometers above ground, at the fringe of what we can call Earth. Continue reading