Along the Way


Who doesn’t love Sunday mornings? Well, Zoe sure did. Nothing to do, she could wake up at any time she liked – even tough she always woke early, damn habits – and, best of all, she could enjoy the long and hearty breakfast she never had time to on weekdays. That’s where she was on that particular Sunday morning. Her bed was in the exact same state as when she rose at an unfriendly 7 AM, as was her hair, an unkempt mess, her beautiful curly twirls spawning in every direction in a shape she didn’t dare look at – she made a point of avoiding mirrors in mornings like that. She didn’t want to tame her mane unless she had to. And the only thing she had to do that morning was nothing. Continue reading



It is hard explaining what I do to others. They want details I’m not only unable to give, but also forbidden to. Confidentiality clauses. But even if I could tell everything, it would most likely raise more questions than before. Simply put, I save companies. I intervene when things are going downhill for a while, I put things in order and give a way for the company to stay afloat for a while. But I’m not just a consultant, not anymore. Continue reading


He is sitting on the floor of his apartment’s office, his legs crossed over each other, his hands gently positioned at his lap. He takes deep, slow breaths, in such a cadence only listening to it would make anyone calmer. There is a sound on the background, a chanting, so low it’s barely there. After almost a month of practicing, Liam finally gets how to let his mind wander, to just accompany the flow, and experiences the mindfulness he so was so eager to achieve. Continue reading

Hell and Back

“Remember when you promised that for me you would go to hell and back?” Shaking and soaking, but especially frightened. That’s how Vera showed up that night. “Well, I’m here to give you the chance to fulfill that oath” Continue reading