Another Chance


It was a Saturday and Kevin, as usual, chose to stay in bed a little longer. Nothing in the world would be able to take him out of the comfy warmness and the nesty arrangement his comforter acquired during the night. He would have remained there another hour, at least, hadn’t the most unusual sound prevented him from even closing his eyes again. Continue reading

Since the Beginning

It was already so late in the night one might consider it already morning. Sitting in front of his desk, John looked at the mess of open books with several pages marked with little colorful post-its; a bunch of papers showing drawings, schematics, written notes and diagrams; pens of different tones and widths scattered around; and his computer with the screen glaring, multiple windows open, the browser showing no less than two dozen open tabs. Continue reading

The Seed

“Explain that again.”

“Explain what?”

“The thing about choices and freedom.”

“Are you sure? You said your head spun last time. Besides, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of your friends. Or you.”

“Embarrass yourself in front of me, or embarrass me in front of my friends, along with you?”

“I will not fall for your little games, Jason.”

“Oh, come on, please!”

“Yeah, please! Now we want to hear about it too.”

“See? Now they are all expecting some profound thing I’m not sure I can deliver.”

“And what’s the only way to know?”

“Smart ass.” Continue reading

The Favourite

It was already late when she entered my room that night. I was afraid she had come to check if I was asleep as I was supposed to, but she sat by my side and started talking, stroking my hair. She knew I was awake. Mothers always do. I could smell the distinctive scent of her nightgown and the hand cream she always applied before going to bed. She talked in a smooth voice, the kind you use to soothe a child, almost a whisper. Continue reading