For Sale

For Sale

Driving the narrow roads full of gentle curves, after a long time following by a lake on his left, going north, Kevin couldn’t stop thinking how lucky he got. He touched his forehead where there was a bump, still sore. He looked to the bruises on his arms and knuckles, the oval shapes with colours fading from wine-dark red on the outside to pinkish next to the borders, to yellow on the center. They resembled the leaves in the trees along the way, the autumn shades reaching the peak of their beautifulness. If not for the greens, the spectacle of colours on the mountains would be similar to those on his slim arm, his body shape unfit to most physical labour, even less for fighting. Nevertheless, he won, at least that one. He ached all over, but left standing. Continue reading

The Trainman

I was there, right outside, seeing everything. I was waiting to meet my friend, the one I was hoping one day would be something more. I saw the man pulling the gun from his back, start firing, right when the train stopped. I’ve heard the six shots, six rhythmic and loud thumps even if muffled by the car doors still closed. I saw the people inside in despair, helpless, falling down one by one, some for fear, six of them dead. My friend. Continue reading

Boredom’s Bridge Pillar

A red convertible Jaguar XKR-S speeds through the narrow tunnel, drifting as the road curves ahead of it. Right behind, a cobalt blue Aston Martin Vanquish performs the same stunts. Any inadvertent bystander observing the scene would be forced into a double take; it was easy to believe the same person is driving both cars. They screech into a full stop side by side, ignoring the fact the two-lane road is meant to cars going both directions. Roger, the driver on the Jaguar, stands up to better enjoy the view. The road is clear, empty and covered by a bright blue, cloudless sky, allowing one’s sight to reach as far as it can get. It curves ahead, surrounded by a mountain range on the left and a wavy plateau on their right. Far in the distance, a river and a bridge almost touching the horizon. A magnificent view, like a postcard picture, just outside their family’s estate in Switzerland.

“So, are you up for it?” Continue reading