The Word


“Man, this looks good!”, thought Ryan when he was finished. Sure, black wasn’t his colour, the hat heated his head like hell, and don’t even get started on the pantyhose, but the person in the mirror wasn’t him. It was his emo-gothic-whatever sister, down to dark crimson nail polish and the pale complexion enriched with dark lipstick and eye shades. When he started playing around with Emma’s closet, he expected a close resemblance, but achieved utter perfection. Continue reading


Lost, and Found

Right now, I’m at some stranger’s house, hopelessly trespassing, even if I feel myself embedded with some sort of moral obligation. The house owner and his wife have just entered through the door, unaware of the invader, who is foolishly hiding under the bed in the master bedroom. Don’t judge me, I can’t say I’m thinking properly at this moment. Or since I’ve decided to enter some guy’s house. “And how, Jess, did you put yourself in such position?”, you might ask. Well, it all began only a few days ago, when an oddly shaped pencil case was found in a subway station. Continue reading