I remember the first time I’ve gone to a circus. Only five or six, surrounded by all the sound and color and music of that magic land that achieved the magnificent impossibility that is being more surreal than the imagination of a little boy. I wasn’t up to it at first. It was probably a Sunday, and I wanted to stay home and have ice cream. We had already been at a park the day before and to a party that same week, all that social activity was interfering with my strict cartoon habits. My parents spent a good hour convincing me. They tried everything, explaining in detail how there would be trapeze artists, a bunch of clowns, magicians, an elephant doing tricks like a dog. They resorted to comparing everything with the colorfulness and noisiness of the cartoons I was starting to get up to date with. Nothing worked. Not even promising the most delicious ice cream I would ever have. Continue reading

The Machine

“And thus I hereby declare Mark Robinson the sole inheritor of all my assets.” Mark held the notarized document in his hands, unsure of what was happening. It was signed by William Pearce, whose will executor stood before him patiently, giving him time to take it all in. It had been one strange ride, from the moment he answered the first call telling him he had inherited something, to the long process of confirming his identity, to finally meeting with the man who handed him the document he just read. Everything was as vague and generic as that last sentence. Continue reading

The Protector

My backpack weighed about twenty kilos, the sun was in its highest, I had forgotten to reapply the sunscreen and my sunglasses were slipping down my nose due to the sweat. All the makings of a stupid decision, and I knew it. I knew it before I started climbing the hill to the fake encouragement of my fellow hikers and campers. I knew I shouldn’t have fell into the dare, that I should have just ignored it. But they knew I couldn’t resist a dare, the bastards I grant the privilege of calling friends. So there I was, going up the rocky incline fully packed, because they doubted I could get up top and see if the view was as awesome as I said it would. Idiots. All of them, the whole group. Including me. Continue reading


Then someone left a baby at my doorstep. Just like that, like it was the eighteen hundreds. I woke up, ready to leave to work, holding my coffee in one hand and my keys in the other, and when I open the door, there it is. She. It’s was a baby girl. All cuddled up inside a little basket, wrapped in a light green blanket, sound asleep. No note, no sign of anyone around, a baby left at some stranger’s door in the middle of the night. Continue reading

For Sale

For Sale

Driving the narrow roads full of gentle curves, after a long time following by a lake on his left, going north, Kevin couldn’t stop thinking how lucky he got. He touched his forehead where there was a bump, still sore. He looked to the bruises on his arms and knuckles, the oval shapes with colours fading from wine-dark red on the outside to pinkish next to the borders, to yellow on the center. They resembled the leaves in the trees along the way, the autumn shades reaching the peak of their beautifulness. If not for the greens, the spectacle of colours on the mountains would be similar to those on his slim arm, his body shape unfit to most physical labour, even less for fighting. Nevertheless, he won, at least that one. He ached all over, but left standing. Continue reading

Cat Tattoo

Allyson woke up startled, as if she had been dreaming of falling, and knocked off both her cell phone and the glass of water from the nightstand, making for a not so nice beginning of a brand new day. She sat on her pillow waiting for her breathing and heart rate normalize before putting her feet on the cold floor, wondering where her slippers could have gone.

“Who is that?”, she asked. “No, seriously, who is speaking?”

Her confusion was aggravated by the fact that there were no one else in her room.

“Hey, stop that!”, she shouted, a hint of fear in her voice. “I said stop it!” Continue reading

Since the Beginning

It was already so late in the night one might consider it already morning. Sitting in front of his desk, John looked at the mess of open books with several pages marked with little colorful post-its; a bunch of papers showing drawings, schematics, written notes and diagrams; pens of different tones and widths scattered around; and his computer with the screen glaring, multiple windows open, the browser showing no less than two dozen open tabs. Continue reading